Power Your Golf Game TO THE PEAK!

Fast, Customized, Golf Performance Training

To create a customized program you’ll go through a screening process to get you to your goal as fast as possible.

We evaluate your goals and past injuries, put you through the Titleist Performance Institute Screen (16 tests) and a swing analysis to create your unique program.

3. Power

The final level of the program adds power; the application of strength with speed. We do this while maintaining your stable and mobile base, as well as the strength you have built.

2. Strength

Next, we focus on strength. While we continue to work on stability and mobility, we’ll strengthen the body’s main musculature so you will have a more powerful swing.

1. Stability and Mobility

First, we build a stable base and core for you to work from. Mobility goes hand-in-hand with stability. The proper functioning of joints and muscles is critical.

Once you make it to the top of the training pyramid, your golf game will be at an entirely new level. We look forward to taking you to the to the golfer’s summit!

“Dan is the standard by which any personal trainer should be measured. The workouts he creates are always challenging and tailored to achieve the goals that we have set together. On top of all of that, he has such a fun and warm personality that I actually look forward to getting my butt kicked in our sessions. I am in the best shape of my life and it’s all thanks to Dan!”

Mark S.

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Tyra Banks


Muscle imbalances may be limiting your range of motion. When one muscle is stronger than its opposing muscle, you have an imbalance. For instance, if you do push-ups or bench presses daily, but never do rows, pull-ups, or other upper body pulling movements, there’s a good chance your chest is far stronger than your back, and you likely have a muscle imbalance. You may also have a muscle imbalance created from tightness caused by prolonged shortening of a muscle. For example, sitting hunched over a desk all day can cause the muscles in your chest to shorten and become tight allowing for less range of motion in your upper body. These types of imbalances over time can change the way your body moves and cause you to feel pain.


Movement requires core strength. To lift anything, you start off with a strong and stable core. And by core I do not mean your abdominals as most people may believe. Your core is made up of everything in the midsection of your body, from your diaphragm to your pelvic floor; your abdominals, obliques and transverse abdominis, and more. Having these muscles work together will build the core strength needed to perform many movements with less chance for injury. Most of the time when we move, we move our arms and legs around a stable core. Strengthen and stablize your core and everything else moving around it becomes stronger.


Once you identify your muscle imbalances, selecting the correct exercises to fix those imbalances is imperative. Make sure to consider opposing muscles, each must be close to equal in strength to help balance the body. Pushing exercises, i.e. bench press or push-ups, are what most people focus on, because they can see that when they look in the mirror. For each pushing exercise, you should incorporate a pulling exercise, i.e. pull-ups or rows. Same with your legs. For every leg extension exercise you should incorporate a leg curl exercise. Doing this will help to keep your body in balance and help to prevent injury. Let me design the workout that will help you with muscle imbalances and get you moving again.

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Let us put you through a Titleist Performance Institute Physical Screen to find your limitations and build a program to remove those limitations and get the most potential out of your swing and game!