Seeking Overall Health and a Better Golf Game
Jeff came to us wanting to improve his core strength and flexibility to improve his golf game and his quality of life. But he needed to find a training program that combined his desire to improve his golf game and overall health.

Over the last 4 years he mainly focused on cardio and he would use the machines at the gym but he didn’t have a good understanding of fitness other than the machines. Then one day he hears about Full Torque Fitness from Pure Science Golf’s owner John.

“I feel much better overall. My back pain is gone, and I am/feel much stronger overall. I like the continued development and how the training sessions are varied and build on each other. The continued strength I am gaining is great and working on flexibility. Overall it has been a great experience and, I feel much better and stronger than I have in many years.”

“Don’t wait to start. Give it a try and see how a program with Dan can improve your overall outlook. The training program has so many elements that I would never have thought of and it also provides the right way to do the exercises which makes a big different. No time like now to start.”

Now with confidence in the program he is following, he knows his health and golf game will continue to improve. He works extremely hard every time he steps foot in the gym. Now if we could get him to enjoy chin ups!

Needed more strength and flexibility to improve his golf game!
Troy originally heard about us through the Polywogs, a charitable golf organization. He worked out every day with friends at the gym, but nothing that was really helping his golf game. He was looking to increase his flexibility and strength while increasing his distance. The only thing holding him back was him knowing what to do to make his goals happen.

“The exercises I’ve learned should help me stay as healthy as possible. My golf game has truly improved and the ball goes further.”

Troy truly enjoyed not only the trainers here at Full Torque Fitness but he truly enjoyed the other people working out around him. It became a sort of family where they helped to push each other to higher heights. He believes everyone can benefit from the training and knowledge at Full Torque Fitness.

Wanting to get back the physical ability he had lost
Joe was, as most people do, losing his flexibility and strength as he aged. He loves the game of golf and wants to remain competitive with the people around him. He has taken Pilates classes, done strength training, and extensive cardio to remain in shape but still was missing some consistency.

He knew something was missing. He received an email from another client of Full Torque Fitness, telling him about us and what we do. So he decided to make the call. So he set up his initial Titleist Performance Institute Screen and Swing Analysis. After discussing his goals, we went over what we could do going forward.

“I saw a demise in my general physical ability and knew I needed to do something about it. I have always been an active person playing football and track in high school and college, so fitness was nothing new to me. After the evaluation and talking with Dan I was hopeful. The future is so bright, I’m gonna need shades (prescription). Get off your duff and work with Dan!”

Now that he has a consistent program designed with his goals and needs in mind, his progress has been nothing short of amazing.

Mark S.

“Dan is the standard by which any personal trainer should be measured. The workouts he creates are always challenging and tailored to achieve the goals that we have set together. On top of all of that, he has such a fun and warm personality that I actually look forward to getting my butt kicked in our sessions. I am in the best shape of my life and it’s all thanks to Dan!”

Margot B.

“Daniel Shipman was my trainer for about two years. He was an amazing trainer. I’m a person who is not that excited about working out, he made my sessions exciting and wanted me to work out. Daniel truly likes and enjoys training people. For Daniel to make me enjoy training and work out takes a lot. Anyone who works out with Daniel will not regret it.”

Marta M.

““Dan Shipman is an excellent trainer! I came to Dan in poor physical shape, not having any regular exercise in several years. After a basic evaluation of my strengths and weaknesses, he developed a strength training program that was balanced, challenging and filled with a variety of exercises that changed each session. His continual encouragement gave me the confidence to try and achieve levels I thought I couldn’t possibly do. I found his training knowledge excellent as he explained what muscles were involved in the exercise; the correct way to perform it without injury and the importance of warm up, stretching and cool down time. I highly recommend Dan as a Personal Trainer, you will not only be pleased with the results, you will learn that exercise can be enjoyable!”

Lauren S.

“Dan Shipman is passionate about the subject of physical fitness. He not only knows how to design a workout that will maximize my gains, he knows why each variation matters. I am stronger than I’ve ever been, and have loved every minute of getting there. Dan’s investment in my personal success gives me the confidence I need to be my best and his friendly attitude ensures I have fun getting there.”