Fix Your Lower Cross Syndrome to Help Your Golf Game

Last week I we put up an article explaining what your hip flexors do, lower cross syndrome, and how these affect your golf game.

If you didn’t get a chance to read it, click here.

I promised at the end of the article that I would share with you this week things you can do to fix these issues. And without further ado…

The first thing we must do is start to mobilize the tissues in and around the hips. We will start out with some foam rolling (if you do not own a foam roller you can get them for around $15 to $20).

After you perform some soft tissue work with foam roller you can then move on to a couple of stretches. The first is for the hip flexors, Hold each stretch long enough to take 3 to 5 deep breaths on each side then repeat for a second time.

After the hip flexor stretch you will perform a Child’s Pose with Quadratus Lumborum(QL) Stretch. Holding each side for approximately 3 to 5 deep breaths each side and repeat one more time on each.

Now that we have the stretching out of the way we will mobilize the spine. A lot of times you will hear people say that your spine (lumbar mainly) isn’t supposed to move. I agree when it is under load (picking up a weight) but when you are just using your own body you need to be able to move everything. It helps to keep the joints happy and healthy. Perform the Cat-Cow 5 times.

Now we have loosened up all the tissues we need to get the body moving. We need these changes to stick, we don’t want them to go right back to being tight and causing these same issues. To help these changes stick we have to strengthen the muscles opposing those tight muscles. The next set of exercises you can perform between 1 and 3 sets of each. You can perform them as a circuit if you are short on time or you can take your time and perform all sets of one and move onto the next. Just remember to focus on the muscles being used and truly control them. First is a plank, try holding for 20 to 30 seconds (and if you think you know how to do a plank watch the video and see if you do).

Next we move on to strengthening your glutes along with more core activation. Hold the Glute Bridge with Adduction for 30 seconds, make sure to squeeze hard the whole time.

We continue to work on the glutes and the core with a Side Plank with Abduction.

The last exercise works on the ability to internally rotate your hips.

If you do this series of mobility/stretching/strengthening 3 to 5 days a week, you will see a serious change. Remember doing this once won’t fix anything, you must be consistent and put in work to see a change. But if you are dealing with lower cross syndrome and tight hip flexors this can open up your hips allowing you to rotate more and alleviate you of your low back pain.

In the next article I will discuss Upper Cross Syndrome, make sure to watch for it. And if you know anyone who may be dealing with this issue feel free to share this article with them!